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IIFT 2020 exam Syllabus consists of multiple-choice objective type questions (in English). Although there is no specifically defined IIFT Exam Syllabus, but going by the previous trend of IIFT questions, the IIFT 2020 Syllabus & exam pattern comprises the questions on English verbal Ability, Reading Comprehension, General Knowledge & Awareness, Logical Reasoning, Data Interpretation and Quantitative Analysis.

IIFT Exam 2020: Major Shifts & Changes

In a major shift introduced this year in IIFT exam, is the change of IIFT exam format as computer-based test from earlier paper-based test. The IIFT exam on December 1, 2019 will be held as a computer-based test, instead of paper-based test.

●        Accordingly, with the change of IIFT exam format, the IIFT exam Syllabus may also change.

●        The syllabus for IIFT Exam 2020 will have questions split in a greater number of sections

●        The IIFT syllabus with the increased number of sections has also changed the number of questions in each section.

Key Changes in IIFT 2020 Syllabus

●        The number of sections in IIFT Syllabus 2020 has increased to 6 from earlier 4 Sections. Some of these sections will have increased number of questions.

●        The Verbal Ability and Reading comprehension in the revised IIFT 2020 Exam Syllabus have now become separate sections. Now the RC questions and English usage (Verbal Ability) will appear in separate sections with their individual cut offs.

●        Another change in IIFT Syllabus 2020 is that the Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning are also separate sections. Candidates cannot attempt and compensate DI questions to LR questions.

●        One of the big changes in IIFT Syllabus is that the number of questions is reduced to 114 in IIFT 2020 exam syllabus from earlier 123 questions.

●        Maximum overall marks in IIFT MBA syllabus are 100. A penalty of 1/3rd marks will be awarded for every wrong answer.

Section wise Syllabus for IIFT Exam 2020

The 2 hours IIFT 2020 exam syllabus would comprise the questions covering the following topics in the different sections:

Section-1: IIFT Syllabus for Quantitative Ability

Number of questions in this section are now reduced to 20 from earlier 22 to 25. The Quantitative Analysis Syllabus for IIFT 2020 is:

●        Total questions: 20

●        Type of questions: MCQs

●        Format of questions: Individual questions

●        Marking Scheme: +1 mark for each Correct answer

●        Negative Marking: – 1/3rd mark for each wrong answer

Topics of Quant questions:

Question are  based on:

●        Arithmetic

●        Simple Interest

●        Man Days and work

●        Ratio

●        Cost

●        Percentage

●        Filling of overhead tank

●        Geometry, Algebra, Log

●        Triangles

●        Rectangular Plank

●        Diagonal  distance

●        Circumference

●        Probability

Other topics are Integers, Time, distance, speed/Time & work, Other Arithmetic questions, Algebra, Mensuration, Log theory, Geometry, Permutation combination

Section-2: IIFT 2020 Syllabus on Verbal Ability

Verbal Ability is now a separate section in IIFT Syllabus 2020. The composition of this section in revised IIFT exam syllabus and marking pattern is as under:

●        Total questions: 20

●        Type of questions: MCQs

●        Format of questions: Individual questions

●        Marking Scheme: +1 mark for each correct answer

●        Negative marking: – 1/3rd negative marking

Topics of questions:

All questions on English Language usage are based on following topics:

●        Idioms & Phrases

●        Punctuation

●        Correction of Grammatical Errors in Sentence construction for underlined parts

●        Analogy

●        Placement of words at appropriate places

●        Matching the prefix and suffix

●        One word substitution

●        Fill in the Blanks

●        Jumbled sentences

●        Figures of Speech

●        Spelling Correction

●        Antonyms/Synonyms

●        Active-passive

Section-3: IIFT 2020 exam syllabus for Logical Reasoning (LR)

Logical Reasoning (LR) is now a separate section in IIFT syllabus 2020. Earlier this section was clubbed to Data Interpretation section. Now it is a standalone section with individual sectional cut offs.

●        Total questions: 20

●        Type of questions: MCQs

●        Format of questions: In sets as well as individual questions

●        Marking Scheme: +1 Mark for Each Correct Answer

●        Negative Marking: – 1/3rd mark for each wrong answer

Topics of Logical Reasoning problems in IIFT Syllabus:

Question are based on:

●        Team based questions

●        Statements-conclusions

●        Coding – de Coding

●        Arguments

●        Conclusions

●        Blood Relations

●        Clocks

●        Calendars

●        Direction Sense

●        Seating Arrangements

Section-4: IIFT Syllabus on Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension (RC) in revised IIFT Syllabus 2020 is also a separate section and is not a part of Verbal Ability now. The Syllabus details are given below:

●        Total RC passages: 4

●        Total questions: 16

●        Type of questions: MCQs

●        Each RC passage followed by 4 questions

●        Marking Scheme: +1 mark for each correct answer

●        Negative Marking: – 1/3rd Mark for each wrong answer

Topics of RC passages:  

All the 4 RC passages are of moderate to high difficulty level. The topics of RC passages usually selected by IIFT are:

●        Current Affairs – Business & Economy

●        Social Scenario in the country

●        International happenings and their impact on India

●        Opinion Based Abstract topics

●        Fact based data driven topics

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